Rabbit Hole

by Love Like Hate

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I have these conversations in my head Nothing ever comes out wrong, timing is always on But when I’m near you, nothing comes I drift away and think of things to say, by the time I get back There’s nothing left to say, the moments passed away When I wake up after I can get to sleep, I’ll think about the day the week When the clouds are at your feet you’ll think about your day your week I’ll wonder if I learnt something new, like they said to do in school You will feel like something new, so you’ll change your hair or shoes, or your lover Maybe if I was 21, where everything is still new and fun I could think of words to say whether they, were stupid, funny or sophisticated, at least I could keep you baited, But I’m not in the mood, I’m happy to let it go undone And I’m not twenty one I could have told you so many things, could’ve made you see That I was down with all the phases, phrases, I know your mother’s maiden name, but you did not ask And now the moment has passed and I’m, no I’m not twenty one
When your eyes look my way I wish they'd all go away So I could show you what's inside Want to trap you like a fly Then I wanna close up tight And listen to you buzz all night Everyone else that I've ever known Everyone else that I've ever met None of them come close to you The way you make me sweat Want you to know I need you, yeah I feed on you Want you to know that I, I'd bleed for you Your my one and only My one one so holy And just let let me say If I don't get my way I'm gonna tear the world apart Til I've won your heart
I know no matter what I do or say to you I will still see you tomorrow I know you've got my back and I have yours But I am unarmed, so if it gets heavy, I might have to pass I can thank you a thousand times I can give you a thousand tears But its not what you want, its not my heart Your're not even thinking when you come around Your'e looking for something that we both know can't be found It's not your fault you've fallen for a vessel that's only ever passing by There will never be an anchor only ever a goodbye
God saved the queen, on a faded photo hung in a sweaty community hall Top buttons are undone, the sound echoes off the wall as well all sing her chorus Caught a flight to the motherland you'd already left the station All that's left to remind me now is a porcelain brothel of Amsterdam I thought this is where I would find my other half, the side that liked to laugh But the motherland was a lie and I'd believed your fables I was sleeping in a dead man's bed and eating at his table Watched form the window and tried to see the ghost that had wandered in my daydreams Snow was finally falling and I thought of leaving early
Can’t listen now, the boys might be onto it She don’t want me, I’m not like her, like her Long skinny legs, bare arms short skirts Don’t care cause the boys are smiling at me Not listening to you cause they’re all looking at me, at me Those boys only love you whilst you’re loving them Don’t just give it away, away Cause it’ll never be the same, you’ll be chasing those boys Down that rabbit hole Just to fill the void Losers in the kitchen just want my space He’s in her bed again and again and again Not mummy’s girl cause she makes messes She don’t care how short my dress is She’s too busy makin’ messes again, and again


released June 3, 2012


all rights reserved



Love Like Hate Brisbane, Australia

Love Like Hate are a dark pop writing ensemble between Heather Cheketri and Sonja Ter Horst.

The music is a combination of electric guitar and free form piano melodies.

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